Rotting-ZOMBIE MONSTER DENTURES-Halloween Costume Horror Teeth

Realistic Scary Moldy Rotting Cosplay-ZOMBIE MONSTER DENTURES Horror Teeth - Cheap Halloween Freddy Krueger GHOUL - Living Undead Walking Dead Costume Prosthetic Accessory. Easy to wear character teeth. One size fits all.
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Rotting ZOMBIE MONSTER MUMMY TEETH DENTURES Freddy Krueger GHOUL - Living Undead Walking Dead Horror Teeth Cosplay Halloween Prop Costume Accessory Decoration

Easy to wear character teeth. One size fits all, flexible green rotting teeth.

Prosthetic teeth fit most adults and teens ages 15 and up.

Full size set of upper and lower dentures. Re-useable.

Natural rotten zombie-toothed look!

Made of soft, safe material, they are flexible, comfortable to wear and can be used over and over.

*Helpful Hints:

1) Rinse off teeth with warm soapy water.
2) To determine which teeth are top or bottom, look for the letter ''T'' or ''B'' molded into the gum.
3) Insert teeth to check for fit. If necessary, use scissors to trim gum line or shorten either end. BE CAREFUL - trim only a little bit at a time until satisfied with fit.
4) Teeth do not require adhesive. However, a commercial dental adhesive may be used. Make certain Monster Teeth and your own teeth are DRY. Apply adhesive to inside walls of Monster Teeth and insert into mouth. Monster Teeth adhere to your gums, not your teeth.

NEW in original factory packaging

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