Retro Coin Bank THING MAGIC BLACK BOX MONEY TRAP Collectible Toy

Retro Fun Mechanical BLACK BOX MONEY TRAP is the coolest bank ever! Place coin in slot holder, motor grinds as box starts shaking, slowly a creepy little Addams Family inspired Thing-like hand grabs the coin, quickly disappearing. WHOOSH, It’s GONE!
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  • Item #: HH-MR-372-KB14
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Retro Mechanical Coin Bank THING MAGIC HAND GRABBER LITTLE BLACK BOX MONEY TRAP Fun Nostalgic Collectible Toy Gag Gift Addams Family Thing Haunted House Novelty Halloween Party Favor - Poynter Products 1972

The coolest bank ever! Place coin in holder... Addams Family inspired Thing-like hand grabs your coin and it very quickly disappears into the little black box. Really funny!

Place a coin in slot… motor grinds as the box starts shaking… slowly a creepy little hand reaches out and quickly grabs the coin… WHOOSH, It’s GONE!!!

The world’s greediest coin collector snatches your coins and forces you to save them in the black box bank!

Official Retro Vintage collectible toy mechanical coin bank is a unique gift and entertaining fun for all ages! Nostalgic reminder of vintage novelty one just like it that we had as kids.

Our little grandkids sat quietly taking turns putting over 100 pennies, one at a time, into this box just to watch the fun.

Accepts most coins: dimes, pennies, nickels, quarters, etc

*Please use adult supervision under age 6, as there are small pieces from spring-loaded mechanism that could come off by curious little minds!

*See Demo of the Black Box Money Trap KB14 or Black Box Novelty Bank on Youtube!!!

Made in Taiwan, like the original!

*NOT for children under 6 yrs

Requires 2-‘AA’ batteries, NOT included.

Theme: Magic, Juggling, Novelties, Illusions, Gag Gift, Collectible Toy

Dimensions: approx 3-7/8-inch (9.7cm) long x 2-3/4-inch (6.88cm) high x 2-3/4-inch (6.88cm) deep

Material: Hard Plastic with metal parts and mechanism.

Attention Collectors!!!
The bottom of the Black Box is imprinted with the following information:
(c)1972 Poynter Products, Inc, Cincinnati, Ohio. Made in Taiwan. All patent nos and copy right are for Coin Box Little black Box (c)1978.

MPN: HH-MR-372-KB14
UPC: 011505372004

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