Prop Building Supplies-MANNEQUIN HEAD-Mask Costume Display-MALE

Life size Styrofoam-MANNEQUIN HEAD-Prop Building Supplies Costume Display-MALE White Sculpted Face Body Part - Halloween Haunt prop-making supply, point location, acupuncture head models, safety prop dummies and student coursework or target practice!
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  • Item #: HH-MN-409
  • Condition: New

Life Size Haunted House Stage Theater Prop Building Supplies-STYRO MANNEQUIN HEAD-Halloween Mask Wig Hat Cap Theatrical Costume Display Stand Holder Decoration Hair Stylist Beautician Accessory-Dead Man Human Body Part-MALE

Prop Building Supplies - MANNEQUIN HEAD - Mask Costume Display - MALE

Styrofoam Body Part - DUMMY HEAD - Prop Making Supply Wig/Mask Display - MAN

Less-than-perfect, NEW Giell-brand White Poly/Foam Manikin Head with sculpted facial features - Lightweight dimensional styro body parts for Halloween Haunt prop-making supply or target practice!

Inexpensive holder for displaying or storing Wigs, Masks, Caps, Hats, Novelty Sun Glasses, Headphones, Scarves, Necklaces, Costume Jewelry, etc. Add make-up, paint, eyelashes, masks, hair for a more realistic-look.

Can also be used for point location, acupuncture head models, safety prop dummies and student coursework.

Scare your friends in your own haunted house, or spook up any Halloween event by using them as scary decorations.

Styrofoam Sculpture Head can be used to create realistic masks or busts. It is the size of an actual human head.

Just use any non-hardening modeling clay to form facial features on the styrofoam head, and then cover it with plaster or other mold-making material. After the plaster (or mold-making material) dries, the clay is easily removed, leaving you with a perfect negative impression of the mask to be cast. Plaster gauze may be applied and used as either a mold or as the finished bust or mask... add some glow-in-the-dark paint, drape it with robes and hang it from a tree for a nice spooky effect.

*We also have headform face covers in male and female versions that fit either style styro heads. They're already made up with a man or woman's dummy face for an easier way towards a more realistic look! They cover the front of the head and velcro around the neck. Just add a wig, hat or hood to complete the look!

Styrofoam is useful for making severed head props for any occasion, whether you're building a prop for a short film or play, or for a Halloween trick. Because of its ease of use, you can quickly create a prop that appears as anything from a decapitated human head to an disembodied inhuman alien.

Detached human head shape is a fun Halloween prop and makes an excellent addition to any haunted house or graveyard scene.

-Approx 11-inch tall (8.5-inch without neck)
-Approximately 20.5-inch circumference around head
-Made of white styro foam, molded expanded polystyrene
-Flat bottom to stand alone
-4-inch deep x 1-inch diam. hole in center of bottom neck for mounting to pole or stand, etc

sku: MN-409LTP
mpn: HH-MN-409
upc: 804879286806

Size: approx 11-inch High x 6-inch Wide x 8-inch Deep, 20.5-inch Diameter Head Size

*Please Note:

*These are brand new dimensional white foam heads in slightly less than perfect condition. Some have small dents and/or slightly flattened noses from being packed in
the box too tightly. Sold as-is and is final sale. This item cannot be returned.

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