PERFECT STORM Halloween Prop Building Special Effects Controller

PERFECT STORM Halloween Prop Special Effects Controller-Lights flash synced with thunder on included CD. Plug into Control Box and place in front of Player. Christmas lights synchronize with holiday music!***THIS ITEM SHIPS FREE to 48 Mainland USA***
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DJ Special Effects PERFECT STORM Lightning Thunder Sound Activated Synchronized Flashing Lights Controller Rave Lite FX Cosplay Costume Dance Party Haunted House Halloween Prop Building Supplies Sync Christmas Holiday Music Lighting Decoration-with audio input


PERFECT STORM Halloween Prop Building Rave Dance Club Party Lightning Special Effects Controller

Perfect Storm allows your lights to flash on and off when you hear thunder on the CD supplied.

Simply play the CD supplied with the unit, plug in your lights to the Perfect Storm Box and place in front of Cd Player. When thunder is heard, lights will flash in synchronized fashion.

*Can be used without CD, so lights will flash to any loud sound or music playing!

DJ Special Effects PERFECT STORM Christmas Holiday Lights Flash to Music/Sound

Includes a controller that flashes up to 1000 watts of your own lights to the sound of thunder, and CD with over one hour of sound effects. (*CD player not included.)

Perfect Storm does allow for changing intensity of lightning flicker (varied by volume), as well as variable sensitivity level of background noise for the lightning reaction. So, the louder, the brighter.

(Not recommended for flourescent lights)

Variable sensitivity works very well, for more lightning control with the least interference from other outside noise levels.

This is a single channel, but works like the more expensive versions.

-Compatible with mobile phones, MP3 and CD player.
-Power input 120v/60 hz.
-Uses type 15A fuse. AC jack and audio jack.

*No direct line input. Works with a microphone.

Thunder and Lightning CD provided is adequate. You may also use your own cd or mp3 of thunder sounds. Place unit directly in front of speakers for best results.

Can also be used for Christmas or holiday light shows. Plug light strings directly into the box, to flash in sync with your favorite holiday music!

UPC: 841493077144

***USA AC use only:
*International buyers would need a DC adapter, NOT available, NOT included.***

Manufacturer description: Perfect Storm is a sound-activated device that allows you to control the on and off flashing of lights when the thunder sound from the CD supplied is played. This makes for great thunderstorm effects for your haunted house or home haunt/Halloween party. Simply play the CD provided with the unit with your lights plugged into the back of the Perfect Storm Box (which can be plugged into any 15 amp. 120 volt outlet). Please note that total lights used should not exceed 1000 watts of power or a reset fuse in the back of the unti will trip. If this happens, reduce lights used and hit reset button on back of unit. Besides using CD, you can also place whatever sound effect you wish into your tape player, MP3 player, smart phone etc and either place one of your stereo speakers near or in front of the Perfect Storm unit or connect the player audio line out (the proper jack cable may be needed, and is not included) to the Perfect Storm audio input jack. Using either of these two ways, when thunder is heard, lights will flash in synchronized fashion. Includes CD with over one hour of sound effects, CD player not included. Power input 120v/60 hz. Uses type 15A fuse. AC jack and audio jack. Round sensor knob on front of unit is adjustable to make lights flash to your liking. The Perfect Storm will work with a variety of different types of lights in including both incandescent and LED. (Not recommended for flourescent lights). For indoor use only. User instructions included.

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