Margaret Parrott MENTORS TAROT DECK-Vintage Fortune Telling Occult-82 CARDS. Colorfully illustrated coated set will be your link to the future. Based on the Rider-Waite 78 traditional deck, plus 4 NEW: the MENTORS. Standard Size, with instructions.
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Margaret Parrott - The MENTORS TAROT DECK - New Vintage Fortune Teller Telling Cosplay Gypsy Witch Halloween Costume Accessory Magic Occult - 82 CARDS Bonus - ILLUSTRATED CARDS with INSTRUCTIONS

Margaret Parrott - The MENTORS TAROT DECK - Vintage Fortune Telling Occult-82 CARDS - 4 New - ILLUSTRATED CARDS with INSTRUCTIONS


With illustrations by Margaret Parrott, this beautiful set of colorfully illustrated Tarot cards will be your link to the future. 82 cards and instructions included.

Based on the Rider-Waite deck, consisting of the traditional 78 cards and 4 new cards, the Mentors.:r />The Mentor of Cups, The Mentor of Swords, The Mentor of Disks, and The Mentor of Wands.

Standard Tarot Card Deck Size: approx 4.25-inch high x 2.75-inch wide.

Conceived by Thom Parrott.....Art by Margaret Parrott

The Parrott Tarot is a hand-drawn and -colored designed deck, with a wealth of correspondences in the border of each card. Interestingly detailed scenes are depicted in this self-published deck, to which four extra court cards have been added.

The Mentors are new Tarot cards, unique to the Parrott Tarot Deck, an 82 card deck based on the 78 card tradition of the Rider-Waite and Aleister Crowley decks

The Mentors are face cards placed between the Queen and Prince. As such, they are associated with the Hebrew Letter SHIN when it is placed in the Tetragrammaton: YOD-HEH-SHIN-VAV-HEH.

The Mentors are associated with the planet Chiron and the God for whom it was named, and with Daath, that Point on the Tree of Life where the Path Gimel crosses the Abyss.

The planet Chiron is assigned four new cards, the Mentors. These correspond to the ephemeral Sephirah Daath on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

Mentor of Swords : Two of Cups (Love)

This deck has an extra four cards - a Mentor for each of the minor suits. The Mentors of each suit do not represent people as such, but instead represent lessons to be learned. The Mentor of Swords is a lesson about strength, limitations of the mind and or decision making. The image is of a centaur armed and ready to do battle with a harpy. Googling 'harpy' reveals little that is pleasant. Descriptions tell us that there were two or three of them (depending on sources) and although they had the heads of beautiful women they were vicious, violent and cruel and usually spent their time tormenting and hindering people. The message seems to be that the day may center upon mental turmoil, nagging doubts, fears and worries. To deal with this, use the advice of the Two of Cups, subtitled 'Love'. To navigate the day and any encounter with the harpy successfully, it would seem that there is a need to acknowledge and embrace any uncertainties. Reconcile conflict of thought to restore balance and calm. Thinking time is 'on the cards'.

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Made in Belgium

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