Life Size Zombie Severed HEAD JELLO GELATIN ICE MOLD Horror Prop

Life Size Zombie Food Realistic Severed Human HEAD GELATIN DESSERT ICE CREAM MOLD Halloween Party Decoration Jello Mould Crafts Horror Prop Building Supply Creepy Walking Dead Body Part. Ghoulish freak dares to scare! Addams Family FESTER inspired.
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Large Life Size Realistic Undead Zombie Food Severed Human HEAD GELATIN ICE CREAM MOLD Halloween Party Decoration Dead Body Part Jello Mould DIY Crafts Haunted House Horror Prop Building Supply Addams Family FESTER-inspired

Creepy Walking Dead Zombie Food UnDead Human Body Part


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Freak out the kids, friends and family with a gory, ghoulishly delicious appetizer dessert cut-off head, molded to scare!

Realistic size and shape, each colorless durable heavy duty plastic reusable mold cavity measures approx. 12-inch long x 7.25-inch wide x 5-inch deep (30 x 18.13 x 12.5 cm)

For even more outrageously icky fun, use to mold ice cream, cheese balls, dips, appetizers, or as an ice mold for a punch bowl! Garnish with gummy worms, whipped cream 'puss' or red jam or jelly 'blood'!!!

The large adult size creepy face Addams Family FESTER-inspired mold makes realistic scary edible body parts out of flavored JELL-O or other brand dessert gelatin. Each mold comes with directions and a recipe for flesh tone head, but, can be made in any thrilling color to suit your scary Halloween theme.

Molded Plastic life-size, anatomically correct dead head mold. Fill the plastic head mold with a customized gelatin mix and a few hours later, out pops a life-size, anatomically correct cut-off head. Disgustingly Delicious!


Finally, what the world has been waiting for. . . spooky edible body parts without all the hassle and mess of a zombie apocalypse. There’s no need sitting around waiting for the collapse of civilization or digging up graveyards in the middle of the night, when all you need to do is spend a little time in the kitchen. Use your choice of gelatin, aspic, ice, cheese, solid dips, ice cream, etc.

A wiggly gelatin dead head is educational - you can identify the different facial features as they slide down your throat. Entertain and impress your friends as you re-enact scenes from Night of the Living Dead.

Make a batch of heads for your next zombie walk to add some deliciously disgusting realism to the event. Not only are they easier to come by, gelatin heads are also much less fattening than the real thing.

And when you aren’t busy making or devouring the body parts, the empty plastic mold makes a great piece of kitchen or laboratory decor that can be spray *painted or *decorated to suit. (*Safety warning: Paint or decorate OUTER portion only. Food products which touch inside should not be painted or decorated with non-food grade!)

Coordinates well with the Bleeding Zombie Head Bowl #HH-FM-64609, sold separately !!!

Also great as a crafts form or mould for many different anatomical uses... Just what the Doctor ordered!

BRAINS... PEOPLE... Must Eat PEOPLE!!! Scream at your own RISK!

Includes: ONE colorless milky white molded plastic Head Face Mold

Works with: Chocolate, Low Temp M&P Soap, Plaster, Butters, Cremes, Ice and mostly any other LOW TEMP molding.
-NOT for hard candy, max temp 165 degrees
- NOT dishwasher safe: Do not use in dishwashers
-Do not use in microwave
-Do not use in direct heat sources (Keep away from open flame)
-Not intended for use in play by children under 14 years of age

Brand: Morris Costumes
Model: Dessert Mold Dead Head
Size: approx. 12-inch long x 7.25-inch wide x 5-inch deep (30 x 18.13 x 12.5 cm)
MPN: HH-MR-QA94-10209
UPC: 830533002093

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