Life Size LED Animated GYPSY WITCH FORTUNE TELLER Halloween Prop

New Creepy Life Size Animated Speaking HELGA WICKED WITCH GYPSY FORTUNE TELLER with Spooky CRYSTAL BALL. Scary Haunted House Cackling Voice Halloween Horror Prop Decoration. Gothic Talking Hag Deluxe Greeter Lighted Sound Evil Sorceress Animatronics.
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Creepy Deluxe Life Size Talking Animated Standing-GYPSY WITCH FORTUNE TELLER-Scary LED Lights Sounds Animatronic Halloween Haunted House Greeter Carnival Horror Prop Decoration-Scary Speaking Evil Wicked HELGA with Spooky Crystal Ball

NEW in Manufacturer Carton
5-Feet 6-inch tall Life-Size Animated

Gothic Light-up Sound Halloween Prop
Animated Scary Speaking WITCH GYPSY FORTUNE TELLER with CRYSTAL BALL Light-up Sound Halloween Prop
NEW ***Over 5-Feet***CACKLING HAG VOICE PROP - See Youtube Demo!

Life-Size Animated Light Sound Sorceress


Haunted House Halloween Prop

NEW *** 5-foot 6-inch (165cm) *** AMAZING CREEPY GOTHIC VOICE PROP - See Youtube Demo!

NEW in Manufacturer Carton

Approach her, and you may not like what your future holds!

Standing 5'6'' tall (66''), Helga's head and hands are hand-painted roto-PVC, and her stooped frame is draped in a full-length cotton-fabric dress with tattered fabric details at cuff and hem, and has a matching Witch hat and shawl.

Helga's eyes will glow red from within as she reads your future from her plastic frosted crystal ball, her stringy gray hair with ribbon accents hanging down.

Plug into any standard outlet for her hand to pass over the crystal ball and to power the sensor.

The crystal ball takes 3 AG13 button cell batteries (included).

The sensor is light/shadow/motion sensitive and operates the LED eyes, motions, and sounds.

Helga the Fortuneteller will say one of three sayings with each activation of the sensor:

''I can see your future, dearie - and it doesn't look good...but it should be pretty tasty for me - ah-hahahaha!''

''Hog-spleens and Jaggerthorns, Legs of a Brown Recluse, I will nest them in your eyes, so you will see - ah-hahahahaha!''

''Don't be scared my precious...your death won't be too painful! - ah-hahahahaha!''

Assembly required.

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