Horror Teeth-CUSTOM FIT VAMPIRE FANGS-Halloween Costume Monster

VAMPIRE FANGS-Custom Fit-MONSTER TEETH DENTURES-Dracula,True Blood,Vampire Diaries,Twilight-inspired Halloween costume party accessory-Living Undead prosthetic makeup.Special Effects Horror Teeth Cosplay Character Party Reenactment Theatrical Prop.
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VAMPIRE FANGS - Custom Fit True Horror MONSTER TEETH DENTURES Dracula, True Blood-inspired, Vampire Diaries-type costume parts, Twilight-style accessories - Living Undead Walking Dead-like makeup additions Faux Special Effects FX Horror Teeth Haunted House Cosplay Halloween Costume LARP Movie Theater Prop Accessory

Hundreds sold each year! Comfortable and easy to wear character teeth.

Comes with impression putty to create a custom fit.

A special effects dental appliance.

Prosthetic fake teeth fit most adults and teens ages 15 and up.

Re-useable, can be used over and over.

Natural fang-toothed look.

Dental putty included for a custom fit every time.

Talk, eat and drink naturally!

NEW in original factory packaging.

Please note Size: Each fang is approx. 3/4-inch (2cm) long.

*Applying Fangs:
-Practice placing teeth in mouth in front of a mirror without putty.
-Rinse each denture with soapy warm water and DRY WELL. Brush teeth and dry with a paper towel.

Custom Fit Instructions:
-Read all instructions before starting. Once it has been mixed, putty starts an irreversible action and quickly sets.
1) Divide the putty in each bag into 2 equal portions, one portion from each bag for each denture.
2) Put aside one portion from each bag.
3)With your fingertips, mix together one portion from each bag until putty has uniform color. This will take less than one minute.
4) Fill one fang with putty to overflowing. Be sure some putty seeps through the hole in the fang.
5) Center your incisor tooth in the putty and push the fang upward.
6) Hold in place for 3 to 5 minutes.
7) Gently remove with a downward wiggling motion.
8) Repeat this procedure for the other fang.

*Remember, teeth are for disguise only. Never use them to bite!!!

-Once the putty has set, the fangs should stay in place, as they have been custom fit to you. Once you're done, they are completely reusable without any additional adhesives.

-After drying, the putty material forms a permanent, rigid, snap-fitting mold of your tooth inside the fang for a tight, ''clip-on fit''. This one-time fitting process means the fangs can be taken off and put back on.

-If necessary, you can use any common denture adhesive (like Grandmother uses) to hold them firmly in place, but it shouldn't be needed if you follow the instructions carefully.

-There are also videos available online to show step-by-step instructions for many similar more expensive brands.


Dental putty:

Putty Base and Catalyst Ingredients:

Dimethicone, Paraffin, Silica, Platinum Powder, Titanium Dioxide (Cl 77891)

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