HUGE HOLOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT Gothic Prop Halloween Decoration-TWINS

Huge DEMON TWINS HOLOGRAPH PORTRAIT Haunted House Prop Halloween Decoration Wall Decor. Gortrait features happy little children that turn into evil demented souls before your eyes. Extra Large Flicker Picture Print, antique-look frame, 17 x 21-inch.
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  • Item #: HH-MR-122179
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Evil Creepy Demon Zombie Monster TWINS Huge Lenticular HOLOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT Big Multiple Image Changing Optical Illusion Flicker Picture Gortrait Print Steampunk Mansion Castle Haunted House Horror Prop Halloween Decoration Wall Decor

Zombie Monster DEMONIC TWINS 17x21 HOLOGRAPH Lenticular PORTRAIT Big Gortrait Print Haunted House Decoration Halloween Prop Wall and Room Decor

Happy little children turn into mini demented evil souls right before your eyes!

Picture-changing portrait measures 17-inch (42.5cm) wide x 21-inch (52.5cm) high, including realistic antique-style plastic one-piece dimensional molded frame.

Holographic Effect Ghoul Print by Seasonal Visions

*Actual photo size without frame is approx 13.25-inch x 17.25-inch (33.13cm x 43.13cm).

MPN: HH-MR-122179
UPC: 841493062096

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