Gross Mutant BABY STINKY DOLL PUPPET Ugly Costume Prop Accessory

Creepy Realistic Latex Zombie Mutant Monster BABY STINKY DOLL HAND PUPPET Life Size Newborn Ugly Infant Gross Scary Costume Accessory Haunted House Horror Prop Gag-Oozing snot mutated skin deformities on its hideous face. Complete w- Flannel Blankie!
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Creepy Realistic Latex Zombie Mutant Monster BABY STINKY DOLL HAND PUPPET Life Size Newborn Ugly Infant Gross Scary Halloween Cosplay Costume Accessory Haunted House Horror Prop Gag Prank with Flannel Blankie

What's that horrible smell? Just zombie BABY STINKY!

This life size latex newborn infant zombie mutant baby doll puppet with blanket is the ugliest baby you have ever seen! Is it a boy or girl? Who can tell beneath the oozing snot coming out of his nose and mutated skin deformities on its hideous face.

You can manipulate the hands to make this little mutant appear to be alive. Great gag gift or practical joke!

Baby zombies are even more horrifying than adult ones, and this disturbing little infant is a particularly abominable monster. The perfect prank to scare off strange nosy people who stick their heads right in the buggy to see the baby! From a distance, this creepy creature hand puppet looks like a real baby wrapped in a blanky. When people get closer, you can make the puppet move with your hand and scare the pants off them when they get a closer look at this tiny monstrocity!

Stick your hand into the gross puppet head and hands and hold the baby on your arm, wrapped in its separate soft flannel blanket. A bit of practice, and this little Rosemary’s baby inspired beast comes to life, becoming the nightmare of any super-nanny!

Baby Stinky Hand Puppet consists of latex head and hands, attached gown and matching flannel blanket. Disgusting detailed infant head and hands are frighteningly disfigured. Strange skin growths surround his drooling mouth, head and eyes, with creepy snot oozing out of the baby’s nose, and funny sparse strands of hair on his bald head. Extraordinarily gruesome!

Lifelike realistic movement you control. Adult size hand puppet is the perfect creepy accessory for your Halloween or horror cosplay costume. Comes with its own attached shirt and separate blankie.

*Please Note: Colors of clothes and blanket may vary. You may want to add some stuffing to the head for added fullness, if desired. (We used a couple of plastic grocery bags for ultimate recycling!)

Total Length with Flannel Gown approx. 16-inch (40cm)
Head approx. 5.5-inch (13.75) diameter

Separate Flannel Blanket approx. 18-inch (45cm) square

-Latex head and hands
-Flannel gown and blankie
Manufacturer: Morris Costumes
UPC: 841493088188

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