6Ft Creepy Animated HAPPY the CLOWN w/ SCREAMING KID Circus Prop

6-Ft Tall Life Size Creepy Carny Animated Talking HAPPY the CLOWN with Screaming Kid in Cage Spooky Circus Carnival Scary Halloween Haunted House Prop Decoration - Want a Piece of Candy? Stranger Danger! ***THIS ITEM SHIPS FREE to 48 Mainland USA***
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6-Ft Tall Life Size Creepy Carny Animated HAPPY the CLOWN with Screaming Kid in Cage Spooky Circus Carnival Halloween Scary Haunted House Prop Decoration
***THIS ITEM SHIPS FREE to 48 Mainland USA***

Children, Want a Piece of Candy? Stranger Danger!!! Mr. Happy Animated Halloween Prop is approx 6-ft tall life-sized Clown Prop with Lights and Sound! Our Creepy Animated Clown figure is bending over and extending a Large Lollipop in one hand while behind his back he is holding a Large Cage with a Screaming Child inside!

His long wispy cotton candy Blue Hair with matching bushy Blue Eyebrows enhance his Glowing Eyes and large Toothy Grin and he wears a dirty old black and white Clown Costume with yellow accents and large Red Clown Shoes.

Once activated, Mr. Happy's Yellow Eyes will Glow and his Head and Torso Turns Side-to-Side, while he Speaks one of 5 darkly humorous Sayings as the Captive Child he's holding in a Cage Screams and Flails about!

Easy-to-Assemble quick-connect poles and Convenient Activation Options make this Animated Prop easy to use.

*Includes Step Here activation pad.

Be the first one in your neighborhood to display this terrifying Mr. Happy Halloween Animated Prop in your next haunted setting!

Multiple activation options: Steady-on, Infra-red, or Step-Here Pad (included)
Power source: UL power adapter
Includes: prop, volume control, step-here activation pad
Quick and easy assembly with quick-connect poles.
Three convenient activation options
Infra-red sensor works up to 6.5 feet away and works in all lighting conditions
Head and torso turns side to side, eyes light up, child screams and flails about. Says one of 5 sayings.
*Indoor or covered-porch use only.

"I have all the candy their mean parents refuse to give them! (child screams) Come a little closer, keep your eyes on the prize, if you come with me, you can have all the candy you could ever want. (child screams) What's wrong with that? (laughter)"

"I have what you want! (child screams) Come fill your piggy faces with treats! (child screams) You know you want to, come on, you aren't afraid of little old me, are you? (child screams)

"Candy! (child screams) Halloween! (child screams) Candy! I've got some candy for you! (child screams) So sickeningly sweet! I know you can not resist! (child screams)"

"Hello! I have some delicious free candy for you kiddies! (child screams) Never mind that sound. (child screams) It's just a greedy little someone who wants more! (child screams)"

"I can hardly think! The candy is so sweet (laughter)"


*Indoor or covered-porch use only.

Approx 6-ft Tall
MPN: HH-MR-124768
UPC: 886102563335

***AMAZING - Click below to see video demonstration***:

6Ft Life Size ANIMATED HAPPY the CLOWN w-Screaming KID in Cage Creepy Circus Halloween Prop Spooky Sound Scary Halloween Haunted House Prop Decoration

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