Life Size Creepy Realistic Articulated Fetal Anatomy Infant BABY BUCKY HUMAN SKELETON Replica Horror Fetus Medical Freak Show Figure on Stand - Hanging Sitting Standing Spooky Halloween Haunted House Prop Building Decoration. Jointed Mini Corpse Body
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Creepy Realistic Life Size Infant BABY BUCKY FETAL SKELETON FETUS Replica Partially-Articulated Human Anatomy Spooky Horror Medical Freak Show Figure with Stand - Halloween Haunted House Home Haunter Prop Building Mad Scientist Laboratory Cosplay Costume Party Decoration

Coming to a cradle near you...
NEW 30-Weeks-Old Size Infant
Approx. 16-inches (40cm) Tall

Life-Size Spooky Realistic Articulated Human Anatomy BABY BUCKY FETAL SKELETON Replica Horror Medical Doctor Prop with Stand

Note: This is a Halloween grade horror prop. It is NOT the very expensive museum-grade version used for anatomical instruction!
Please view close-up photos to note quality and detail.



Hanging, Sitting or Standing (If propped on stand)
Halloween Haunt Prop Building Decoration
NEW Detailed Jointed, Mini Articulated Dead Corpse Body.

A truly awful creation, the Fetal Skeleton with Stand will give you nightmares for weeks!
Natural bone-color anatomy model can be used for basic teaching, a freak-show oddity for mad doctor scientist laboratory display, or extremely unique Halloween party decoration.

Head is made of high quality molded cast resin, with spring-loaded jaw that opens and closes. Detailed replica bones made of plastic, complete fetal skeleton mounted on included stand, with thin metal rod set into a black or white plastic approx 6.5-inch (16cm) diameter base.

Small-size skeleton may be displayed without the stand, and the resin skull is removable from the plastic body.

Life-size 30-week-old osteological hominids Fetal Skeleton with stand, approximately 16-inches (40cm) high total mounted height including base.

Skull depth- approx 3.75-inches (9.5cm)
Skull height- approx 2.75-inches (7cm).

Plastic base colors may vary.

Fresh Decor from a Creepy Haunted House!
This little one will add a disturbed element to any haunt!
Display clothed or au-natural!!!

Great Halloween decorations or for basic accurate science studies.
Realistic features with hip and shoulder joints movable, anatomically correct and poseable.

***Note: Knees and Elbows do NOT bend.***

5- points of articulation: Head, shoulders, and hips only.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

***YES- This item ships Worldwide!!!***

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New Life Size Realistic FETAL HUMAN SKELETON REPLICA Horror Prop

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