Funky 1-inch wide stretch elastic Y-SHAPE back ADJUSTABLE UNISEX NOVELTY PRINT SUSPENDERS with metal clips. Adult One Size costume everyday wear accessory. Formal, casual, stage, holiday, Halloween party, cosplay accessories-Green w- White SPIDERWEB
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Funky ONE-inch wide stretch elastic Y-SHAPE back, ADJUSTABLE UNISEX NOVELTY PRINT SUSPENDERS with metal clips. Durable punk gothic costume everyday wear accessory. Formal occasions, casual outfits, theater, stage, holiday events, Halloween party, cosplay accessories-Neon Green with White SPIDERWEB Design

Funky Fashionable NOVELTY PRINT SUSPENDERS UNISEX CLIP-ON BRACES - NEON GREEN WITH WHITE SPIDER WEB - Adult One Size fits most men, women and teens. Fully adjustable clip on style, comfortable polyester ONE-inch (2.5cm) wide elastic stretch straps. Polypropylene vinyl fabric enforced Y-shape design cross back, prevents sliding off your shoulders!

Heavy duty, highly polished chrome pull clips. Suitable accessory to use for formal events, daily casual outfits, theater, stage, holiday, Halloween party and cosplay costumes, as well as everyday wear.

Adjustable sizes Length adjusts from 21-inch to 40-inch Long. Stretches up to an additional 60-80% longer!

-Approx. 1-inch (2.5cm) Wide
-One Size Fits Most Adults and Teens
-Unisex Adjustable Clip-On Style
-Silver-tone Polished Chrome Clips
-Y-Shape Back

-Color: NEON GREEN with White Print Design
-Pattern: Spiderweb

MPN: HH-RG-G01044
UPC: 721003010444

  • Item #: HH-RG-G01044-SPIDWEB
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: RG-G01044-SPIDWEB
  • Condition: New

Funky Novelty Print SUSPENDERS BRACES Costume-Green SPIDER WEB

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