COFFIN POISON PENDANT NECKLACE Gothic Alchemy Steampunk Secret Stash Locket Sorceress Vampire Witch Warlock Cosplay Costume Jewelry. Blood Red Skull Supernatural Message Potion Box Charm. Halloween party unisex Wiccan white black dark magic accessory
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COFFIN POISON PENDANT NECKLACE Gothic Casket Alchemy Steampunk Skull Secret Stash Locket Sorceress Vampire Witch Cosplay Halloween Costume Jewelry Accessory

GOTHIC COFFIN POISON PENDANT AMULET LOCKET NECKLACE - Vampire Supernatural Alchemy Magical Talisman Message Potion Box

Gothix Vampire Coffin-shaped Talisman is the perfect unisex Wiccan alchemy Halloween costume party jewelry accessory for men and women. Tiny bronze-color pewter cast metal magical coffin box opens, revealing a secret compartment inside.
The lid seals closed with a tiny magnet.

Goth Dracula style witch's magikal message sarcophagus hinged charm is approx 1-3/8-inch (3.44cm) long x 3/4-inch (1.88cm) wide , features a true blood red enamel fill finish with dimensional occult skull centered on the front.

Poison jewelry was used for centuries to conceal lethal or toxic substances, messages, talismans, keepsakes, locks of hair, devotional relics, photos, etc. Many historical figures were known to have used them. Wiccan White, as well as Dark Black Magic uses.

24-inch (60cm) silver-tone metal chain.
Recommended for ages 14+

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COFFIN POISON PENDANT NECKLACE Steampunk Skull Vampire Jewelry

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